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VIDA Select


The Harris VIDA Select allows multiple agencies, radio vendors, frequencies and protocols to be linked through a common IP network infrastructure.  The main VIDA Select connects between 2 and 12 legacy channels, while optional remote gateway units can expand the capacity to up to 3 remote sites and 24 channels.


VIDA Select Components1

  • The VIDA Select is comprised of a Network Switching Server (NSS), Standard LAN/Wan networking equipment, an Interoperability Gateway and an optional Regional VIDA Manager (RVM).
  • The Network Switching Server (NSS) routes calls to and from each voice group or mobile data user on a real-time basis
  • An Interoperability Gateway which provides connection points to analog devices can be centrally located with the VIDA Select equipment.

Network Management

Each VIDA Select can be managed by the Regional VIDA Manager (RVM) which is composed of two software applications: the Regional Network Manager (RNM) and the Unified Administration Server (UAS). The RNM provides management support for the various hardware and software components that make up the network and the UAS provides the capability to define and structure the systems, sites, talkgroups, users and other resources. This is an optional resource for the VIDA Select.

1 More information on the VIDA Select and components of the VIDA Select is available on the datasheets.