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Harris VIP

Dispatch Console

Designed for critical communications use in incident command vehicles or backup dispatch centers, the VIP Console affords non-critical users a cost-effective, end-to-end IP solution to access their radio communications system. The VIP Console is access to basic dispatch functionality wherever you find network connectivity. As a hybrid, VIP can communicate with all VIDA connected system types concurrently.


Operating Modes

  • P25IP Trunking
  • P25IP Digital Conventional
  • OpenSky2
  • OpenSky
  • Conventional Analog1

Other Features

  • 4 Module (Group or individual dynamically assignable) monitoring
  • Integrated Call Check recorder
  • Emergency Handling (Silence, Clear, Declare)
  • Call History
  • Call Playback
  • One Patch
  • One Simulselect
  • Encryption ñ DES/AES
  • Console (Acoustical) Cross Muting
  • Individual calls
  • Module Muting
  • SMS