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Harris C3 MaestroIP

Dispatch Console

The C3 MaestroIP console was the first public safety radio dispatch console to implement true end-to-end IP for secure communications and unmatched flexibility. The C3 MaestroIP can be upgraded from analog conventional to trunking through the addition of a license for the console. The power of interoperability is evident through the consoleís ability to patch trunking talkgroups to analog conventional channels or other trunking system types without audio degradation. As a hybrid, the C3 MaestroIP can communicate with all VIDA connected system types concurrently.


Operating Modes

  • P25IP Trunking
  • P25IP Digital Conventional
  • OpenSky2
  • OpenSky
  • Conventional Analog

Other Features

  • 024 dynamically assignable module monitoring per position
  • Integrated Call Check recorder
  • Emergency Handling
  • Call History
  • Call Playback
  • Patches - Five pre-defined, five active per position
  • Simulselect - Four pre-defined, one active per position
  • Encryption ñ DES/AES
  • Console (Acoustical) Cross Muting
  • Individual calls
  • SMS
  • Aux I/O
  • Intercom
  • Telephony Interace (common headset for both phone and radio)
  • Request-to-talk
  • Analog conventional
  • Supervisor console
  • Touchscreen support

1 Via EDACSIP Gateway