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Simulcast Base Station

The MASTRÆ V IP Simulcast System provides an end-to-end all-digital system based on the proven MASTR V hardware platform. The system is composed of a MASTR V IP Control Point, MASTR V Transmit sites, and optional MASTR V Auxiliary Receiver sites.  Since the MASTR V IP Simulcast System simultaneously repeats the same radio signal from multiple geographic locations at the same time, deploying an IP Simulcast System can significantly reduce the number of required physical sites.


Operating Modes1

  •     P25IP Trunking
  •     P25IP Conventional Simulcast

Available Bands

  •     VHF
  •     UHF
  •     700 MHz
  •     800 MHz

Other Features2

  •     Narrowband Capable
  •     Software upgradeable to P25 Phase 2
  •     Linear Simulcast for superior coverage
  •     Single control point manages up to 17 Transmit sites and up to 24 channels
  •     VIDAÆ network-based Information Assurance support

1 Available operating mode varies based on frequency. See datasheet for more information.

2 Features vary based on frequency and operating mode. See datasheet for more information.