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Harris MASTR III P25 Trunked

Base Station

The MASTR III P25IP provides the flexibility to commission a base station that will meet critical communication needs today and into the future. The MASTR III P25IP incorporates P25 digital voice and data using a digital signal processor modem for maximum design flexibility. P25 digital voice is translated through an on-board voice encoder/decoder in the station to allow immediate access to P25 communications through the userís existing network.



  •     Seamless integration of off-the-shelf IP data applications.
  •     Easy interconnection of peripherals and ancillary equipment such as mobile data terminals, printers, scanners, and video devices for user organizations.
  •     Economical routing and backhaul of network data.
  •     Redundancy benefit of distributed IP architecture, one of the key requirements for most public safety users.