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Harris LTE Broadband

700 MHz Solution

Now through August 2012, Harris is delivering next generation wireless broadband to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).  This ìpilotî program is the second announced by Harris in recent months ñ in March 2012, Harris unveiled a 700 MHz Band 14 LTE program with the Miami-Dade County Police Department (MDPD).

The LVMPD is experiencing LTE through Harris MBC-100 LTE modems installed in vehicles, which allow for seamless communications and data transfers. For instance, LVMPD first responders are poised to take advantage of COPLINK and Omega applications. These applications support Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), National Crime Information Center lookup, and in-the-field reporting. The program also highlights the collaboration between local agencies.

Harris 700 MHz LTE networks for Public Safety that provide the tools to ensure that mission-critical video, voice and data are available to first responders, whether the operation is routine or a response to a catastrophic incident

  • LTE platforms capable of delivering mission critical video, voice and data applications to mobile users;
  • Secure, private, and prioritized mobile broadband connectivity;
  • A communication environment that brings together public safety broadband, cellular carrier and LMR communications on a single infrastructure platform.
  • LTE platforms meet FCC requirements for cyber security and critical infrastructure survivability.
  • The Harris LTE solution is designed to meet the evolving technical framework of the FCCís Emergency Response interoperability Center (ERIC), required for integration into the planned national Public Safety Broadband network.