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Harris BeON

PTT Over Cellular

BeON, a push-to-talk solution built on the integrated VIDA Network platform, enables enterprises to have managed group communications anywhere in the world using both 3G and 4G commercial or private cellular networks. BeOn users communicate instantly on a 3G/4G platforms such as smartphones, tablets or rugged devices, utilizing the coverage provided by domestic, international, and private networks.

BeOn is built upon the Harris IP-based VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access) network providing powerful network management capabilities. VIDA allows for the increased ability to scale and bring custom solutions to market quickly, in addition to bridging Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and cellular networks.

  • LMR Capabilities

For many industries, faster delivery and improved team coordination can translate into streamlined process controls, safer work environments, faster team response time and increased productivity.  BeOnís combination of traditional LMR services with cellular services such as user location and user presence helps companies achieve these goals.

BeOn's LMR features include:

  • Group Call (1:Many)
  • Individual Call (1:1)
  • Caller ID
  • Late Call Entry
  • Supervisor Override
  • Distress Call
  • Group Scanning


  • Reduces CAPEX, Improves Allocation of Resources

BeOn harnesses legacy communications systems, lowering an enterpriseís overall spend. And its ability to operate on existing GSM-based 3G wireless networks makes a nationwide roll-out instant.

BeOn also:

  • Features optimized set up time and voice quality
  • Organizes users ñ whether on multiple wireless service provider networks, domestic and international ñ into talk groups, making communication with one or many instant
  • Works on a host of commercial smartphones and rugged handsets
  •  Enhances the secure delivery of any message through its IP-based network
  • Will operate over 4G networks as these networks are deployed



  • Enables High Performance Push-to-Talk

Harris' VIDA network is currently deployed by public safety, public services and large private sector entities. Harris transformed its portfolio to this IP-based system in the 1990s.

VIDA, which uses VoIP technology, allows us to offer this high performance PTT capability over the commercial wireless network, as well as the seamless interoperability with legacy and future LMR systems.


  • Leverages Harrisí Expertise in Mission Critical Communications

LMR/two-way radio experience shaped the creation of BeOn. We paired our background in mission critical communications with the intelligence of our VIDA network to deliver this scalable, global PTT solution.