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Harris OpenSky2

700/800/900 MHz Solution

A fully interoperable digital radio communication network for public safety, utility, industrial and transit organizations, OpenSky2(TM) is a comprehensive enhancement of the network platform including improved user services, superior coverage reliability and a number of audio improvements and features.

  • Advanced Digital Audio: OpenSky2 provides a significant improvement in overall voice quality as well as background noise suppression and enhanced dynamic range.
  • Enhanced User Services: OpenSky2ís advanced signal processing and registration improvements expedite the transition and access time when users move between tower sites to deliver faster and more efficient roaming.
  • Expanded V-TAC Support: OpenSky2ís V-TAC (Vehicular Tactical Network) Profile Model will allow for up to 16 groups to be accessed by V-TAC client, with up to 30 clients supported.